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Perry I have heard many talented Chicago punk bands over the years and your band is a legit punk band! I had to buy all the songs. Very well done fellows!
Favorite track: Chicago Hope.
Zack Porach
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Zack Porach This full length is seriously too good. A collection of the catchiest punk songs out right now made by the best dudes ever. Mike and the boiz are summer barbecue incarnate. Favorite track: A Political Song About Cassette Tapes.
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This album was recorded from August-December of 2015.
Principal tracking took place at the Owlery in Chicago, IL.
Additional tracking continued at Kildare Studios and Ryan’s apartment.
Engineered by Nathan Wilson and Ryan Smith.
Mixed and mastered by Luke McNeill at Capitol City Recording in Springfield, IL.
Album art and layout by Samantha Adolfo.

All music written by Tens.
All lyrics written by Ryan Smith and Mike Petruccelli.

Guest vocals on “A Political Song about Cassette Tapes” by Gillian McGhee.


released June 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Tens Chicago, Illinois

Tens is the musical manifestation of someone lighting off fireworks indoors.

We also play in these bands: Two Houses, Costanza, City Mouse, Rapids, Fuck you, Idiot!, and Texas Chainstore Manager.

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Track Name: Eternal Palms
Eternal palms rubbing these eyes just like some ritual dance, prophetic lies to cover up happenstance. "It can't be true" said me the muttering fool while staring at stainless steel inside a crowded room. They made their presence known, they made their decisions so it's DEFCON 1 and static in my skull. This fractured hand is sleeping in on ice as if lightning struck twice. When you get everything that you want send me a postcard so I know your motives. I'll be waiting for the end of your line and watching from afar hoping you folded. Today, I learned that he can't make eye contact. It’s like winning the lottery but then having to give it back. Unconcerned, self serving, the opportunity lurking. Justify, your judgment, without the retribution. What are you waiting for? This is your green light. How can you live this way? Today I ripped a white flag to shreds and I’m not held down. There is wedding cake all over the floor and on my head lies a crown. I guess I'll take it.
Track Name: Acid Reflux Redux
They say shoot from the hip but to aim for the sky. No risk no reward, this place owes you nothing so why even try? You're just a kid and you spread yourself thin but you'll soon discover like so many others you never can win. And I'm waking up on the floor again at 6am. What am I doing? You owe something to me. I'm back up on my feet. Were you going to tell me?
Because I've got better things to do than to sit and wait for you were you going to tell me? Watching tv to keep from talking picking fights to pass the time. My friend in Milwaukee said he got jumped outside his apartment Where were you last night? And I'm waking up on the floor again at 6am. What am I doing? This meant something to me, my heart is on my sleeve. Were you going to tell me? Because I've got better things to do than to sit and wait for you were you going to tell me? History repeats itself, falling down the stairs again, this bus is heading southbound. Packed a life in a duffel bag, left behind guitars and tapes, what do you want me to say ?
Track Name: A Political Song About Cassette Tapes
I’ve seen these signs before, I know every store front along the way at least for two miles north. It used to be opposite. that wanderlust is now just an exit and the moderate hum of the backdrop stays. I guess that’s how it goes. We search for stability and then we never truly know what’s beyond the neighborhood. We’ll just assume the same, it’s graffiti and trash cans and places to play, nothing more, nothing less. But it could rightfully be, there’s so much more to this colony, we’re just held back by time and stress. And these screens don’t match up to overwhelming fascination. And these hybrid feelings don’t give into permanent intention. I guess that’s how it goes. We search a moment and then we’ll never truly know what’s beyond the neighborhood I’ve seen these signs before. Maybe I’ll venture off again one day but not tonight. When it becomes last call we’ll hang by the fire in your backyard. We don’t feel like going home.
Track Name: Awkward Situations
I'm clearing out my sinuses restricting the blood flow to my head, leads to awkward situations. She walked out of the bathroom, said it was nothing that she couldn't explain though she never did I don't see you anymore, but I'm still talking to your sister. The view from the bottom, is better in hindsight. With debts unpaid put on your shirt and tie. The more time that passes by the further things get repressed. The world's not waiting for shithead friends. Remembering the fleeting optimism, the room cleared the second you finished, here's a red solo cup with 31 bucks. We'll feign politeness while your girlfriend bitches about all the dudes that she hate fucked.You know I'm in Cincinnati, we're trying to go to bed. It's 4 am so get off your phone, try to get some sleep, we gotta leave by 10.
Track Name: Axiology (12.30)
I’m not done yet, it doesn’t matter if I cannot connect. What will be, shall engulf. And in two days, I’ll be no different than I am now and for once there will be no shame. No turning leaves for a small prize. No summarizing half truths. No stopping at face value explanations and giving meaning to meaningless things. Because that row of planners couldn't predict an hour. With rejuvenation scattered for miles and miles and miles. The faith in myself has been the only straight frame. Nothing is certain but certain things are worth it. So countdown slow and let the record play. Your calendar is just an effigy.
Track Name: Chicago Hope
What will happen now? This fluke isn’t the show. Those late night pools that we broke into, from roofs we watched below. It’s a tiny pinch effect and the change in the seams. It feels like a lasting note and everything is pristine. Is this some kind of joke? Because it’s not what it should be. And it’s kind of getting to me. These wheels will roll themselves and these pictures are their own. And I have my place, I’m a moving part and bolt. It feels like this will close up shop and the landmarks are a lie. If you need to find me soon raise the signal toward the sky. I’ll be wandering about while all of this passes by and there’s nothing left in sight. It’s weird when it gets fixed and all the pieces fall together. Confiding in your hope just like the promises that you kept. When the wheels fall off you’ll have some stories and no regrets. So let’s make some bets.
Track Name: Mayday
I felt the place shaking. Major shots ringing out in the dark. All because I could not finish the one thing that I could not start. Now it's Mayday that comes from nowhere. A botched mission that you can't fix. Give it up kid, it’s useless. And now the time comes when I open my mouth and I feel like we were better off in silence. I don't want to be the boy who cried wolf but we're heading towards a cliff where the tracks aren't finished. How many failures do you have your back pocket? How many tallies are marked against your score? Well, here's some more.
Track Name: Finished What We Started
It's way too fucking cold outside and I'm alone in my room. It's too bad that I cast aside the good intentions to hide behind mistakes. Another drink a long ride home. Another week I'm all alone. Well I guess it's no surprise. At least tonight I get to see you one last time. Set a scene, get your frame straight, the cameras rolling but it's too late. Deleted sequence on the cutting floor. Pan, reveal, reaction walk out the door. So I'll drink myself to death. The well's gone dry and there's nothing left. Let the vultures feast your eyes.
Track Name: An Evening at Sawyer's Gate
An Evening at Sawyer’s Gate
Copper greened just like a slightly casual hand hiding cards in decks with your former friends. How it happened was a mystery now you’re in trenches digging up at the explanations. The augers and the souls. The fire and the coals. You were warned but you kept going, wondering how far the needle pulled. Living on the wishes of your own thirst but it doesn't phase out when and how. And when met you out at Sawyer’s gate you had the newspaper and ticker tape. Calculated like the math in your eyes. Trenches by the wayside. You’re done running in the same place.
Track Name: Doublesandinistanoworcestershire
You and me should get to talking. I wanna color you impressed. Please to meet me on first reaction. I’m hoping that impression lasts. Because I talk too much when I’m drunk as fuck. Besides, that happens every night. No, I can’t hardly wait. I can’t hold a pen. I won’t blow the address but I’ll fuck up again. Do you still remember me? Can I buy you your first drink? We’ll walk the streets and talk till dawn. When morning comes I’ll drive you home. Because I can’t hide this feeling inside like a shiver on a midsummer night. We were drinking in the parking lot. We were waiting for a good time. Now as the Summer fades like the thunder and the pouring rain. The lights look like stars to me. My anxious hands couldn’t stop shaking. I think about things I regret. None of them have ever truly felt like this. No more fear of giving in. Here’s your chance just don’t forget to take it.
Track Name: Tug of War
There’s something to be said but I’m unraveled just like a frayed thread. Those mutterings to myself at 2am. The reawakened feeling builds with reverence. Unbound and uncertain. It doesn’t stop. It only lets up. Just find the beauty in the motion with whatever you can hold and here’s to always hoping you stave off the unknown. There’s something to be said but I’m underlined and marked in red pen. Those reassuring words from the ones I trust. Those few and far between parts where it's just enough. There’s so much more to all of it and I’m still dumbstruck. I can wait it out. I have everything I need.