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These songs were made in the Winter of late 2013 just when things were about to get hectic with the weather. All the songs were written from scratch by the three of us. Demo was live recorded January 2014 at The Owlery by Norman Martson and Tens.

Demo mixed and mastered by Norman Marston.
Logo drawn by Mike and cover art was made by Kyle using the finest MS Paint program available to the buying public

If you would like to book Tens contact us via Facebook or at Tenschicago@gmail.com


released January 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Tens Chicago, Illinois

Tens is the musical manifestation of someone lighting off fireworks indoors.

We also play in these bands: Two Houses, Costanza, City Mouse, Rapids, Fuck you, Idiot!, and Texas Chainstore Manager.

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Track Name: Countersuit
Awkwardly watching, from the back room,
at colors and bottles, singing in tune,
make no mistake, this is how we live,
selecting connection, through restlessness.

Give me collision and reaction,
Give me some sirens to scream to,
Is there anywhere else you need to be?
If so then, please don’t wait up for me.
I find solace in simple things.

This is a stick up, and no one gets caught,
a rapid ascension, a weapon that’s drawn,
floorboards chanting, while the rest of us float,
a pressure you can’t fake, that grabs you by the throat.
Track Name: Finish What We Started
It's way too fucking cold outside and I'm alone in my room
Too bad that I cast aside what matters most and hide behind mistakes
Another drink the long drive home, another week I'm all alone
I guess that's no surprise

At least tonight
I get to see you one last time

Set a frame to your scene straight, camera's rolling but it's late,
deleted sequence on the cutting floor, bad reveal, reaction, walk out the door. So I’ll drink myself to death, Well’s gone dry there’s nothing left
Let the vultures feast their eyes
Track Name: Sawyer's Gate
Copper greened just like a slightly casual hand,
hiding cards in decks with your former friends,
How it happened was a mystery, now you’re in trenches,
digging up at the explanations.

The augers and the souls.
The fire and the coal.

Yes, you were warned but you kept going,
wondering how far the needle pulled.
Living on the wishes of your thirst,
But it doesn't phase out “when and how.”

And when we met out by Sawyer’s gate,
You had the newspaper and ticker tape,
calculated like the math in your eyes,
trenches by the wayside.

You’re done running in the same place.